"Теорія і Практика Перекладу"

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ПередмоваI. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of

TranslationTranslation as a Notion and SubjectSignificance of Translating/InterpretingTranslation in Teaching of Foreign LanguagesWays of TranslatingMachine TranslationKinds of Translating/InterpretingSuggested Topics for Self-Control and Class Discussion
II. A Short Historical Outline of European and
Ukrainian TranslationTranslation and Interpretation during the Middle AgesTranslation during the Renaissance PeriodTranslation during the Period of Classicism andEnlightenmentThe Epoch of Romanticism and Establishment of thePrinciples of Faithful Translation in EuropeTranslation in Kyivan Rus' during the 10th -13th Centuriesand in Ukraine during the 14th-16th CenturiesThe Kyiv Mohyla Academy and Revival of TranslationActivities in UkraineKotlyarevskyi's Free Adaptation of Virgil's Aeneid and theBeginning of a New Era in Ukrainian TranslationTranslation and Translators during the Late19th - Early 20th Centuries
Translation during the Years of Ukraine's Independence(1917-..21) and Soviet Rule
Translation and Translators in Post-War Ukraine. TheDevelopment of the Principles of Faithful TranslationTranslation in Ukraine during the Last Decade of the 20thCentury and the Role of the Vsesvit JournalSuggested Topics for Self-Testing and Class Discussio///. Lexicological Aspects of TranslationMethods and Ways of Translating Various Proper NamesConveying the Names of Companies, Corporations, FirmsTopics for Self-Control and Class/Home ReviewingTexts for Independent Oral and Written TranslationUnits of International Lexicon and Ways of RenderingTheir Meaning and Lingual FormWays of Conveying the Lexical Meaning of GenuineInternationalismsTranslating of Loan InternationalismsSuggested Topics for Self-Testing and Class DiscussionExercises for Class and HomeworkTexts for Independent Class and Home TranslationNews Items for Class Translation at Sight (in Viva Voce)Units of Nationally Biased Lexicon and Ways ofTheir TranslationWays of Rendering the Meaning of NationallyBiased Units of LexiconExercises for Class and HomeworkTexts for Independent Class and Home TranslationTranslating of Idiomatic/Phraseological and StableExpressionsTransformations of Some Idioms in the Process ofTranslatingSuggested Topics for Self-Testing and Class Discussion
Exercises for Class and HomeworkIV. Lexico-Grammatical Aspects of Translation
Rendering of the Contextual Meanings of the Definite andIndefinite ArticlesRealization of Contextual Meanings of the Definite ArticleRealization of Contextual Meanings of the Indefinite ArticleSuggested Topics for Self-Testing and Class DiscussionExercises for Class and HomeworkAsyndetic Noun Clusters and Rendering TheirMeaning into UkrainianApproaches to Translating Asyndetic Substantival ClustersTranslation of Two-Componental Asyndetic SubstantivalClustersTranslation of Three-Componental Asyndetic SubstantivalClustersTranslation of Four-Componental Asyndetic SubstantivalClustersTranslation of Five-, Six- and Seven-Componental AsyndeticSubstantival ClustersSuggested Topics for Self-Testing and Class DiscussionExercises for Class and Home TranslationTranslating of English Verbals and VerbalConstructions/ComplexesWays of Rendering the Lexico-Grammatical Meaningsand Function of the English InfinitiveWays of Translating Infinitival ComplexesWays of Translating the Objective with the InfinitiveConstr.V. Semantic Aspects of TranslationLanguage Units and Levels of Their

Автор Корунець І. В.
Издательство "Нова Книга"
Дата издания 2017
Язык Английский
Кол-во страниц 448
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